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EOR Formation Evaluation Topical Conference – C.A.F.E. - SPWLA Colombia.

EOR Formation Evaluation Topical Conference – C.A.F.E. - SPWLA Colombia. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods imply different processes into the formation: Drive, Push-Pull and Well Treatment. This interchange of energy, mass and chemistry will generate different interactions in our rock-fluids system from our reservoirs. Microscopic reaction will divert into Macroscopic conditions like capillary pressure , permeability, wettability and "synthetic digenesis" of our rocks . Understanding experimental observations, mass conservation and Phases reaction will fulfill our knowledge on EOR Formation Evaluation.

Formation Evaluation EOR value for our Present reserves are equal into the definition of : Past Reserves, plus, Additions to Reserves, less Production from Reserves ; in the term of Additions to Reserves.Our current hydrocarbons worldwide goals, like Colombia one require EOR projects knowledge and them demand all experts on these matters .The new pathway to increase our Reserves is oriented to apply thermal and non-thermal methods in different reservoirs, archie and non-archie defined by.Understanding the best way , the results lessons and the left conditions in our methods , a key factor to digest in a Formation Evaluation community.


Geophysical and Formation Evaluation Techniques       

EOR Performance Evaluation

Pre and Post Production

Light to Extra Heavy Oil

Reservoirs Characterization



Core Analysis, Pilot Projects and Prototypes

Special Core Analysis

Rock-Fluid interaction

Case Histories

Integrated Studies on Formation Evaluation EOR advancements

Thermal and Non - Thermal Processes

Case Histories

October 30 to November 2, 2013. Medellín Colombia

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